HP Envy 4510 Unbox Setup

  1. ON button: Indicates Printer power is in ON/OFF status
  2. Home button: Returns to Home Screen dashboard
  3. Back button: Retraces to prior screen display
  4. Help button: Exhibits the Help Topic corresponding to the option selected
  5. Wireless Light: indicates envy wireless connection readiness. Few of the wireless status category are
    • A Solid blue light signals the Wireless connection readiness
    • A Slow blinking light indicates a Wireless connection active, rather unsynchronized with the network. Ensure that your printer is within the wireless signal range
    • Fast blinking light indicates a Wireless connection fault
    • No Wireless Light signals Wireless Connection unavailable

Unpack Envy Setup and Install the All-in-One:

  • Plainly unpack the HP Envy 4510 out of the Box and place them for the Setup
  • Snap all the tapes and packing that is tied on to your printer
  • Peel the stickers that is found on the Control Panel
  • Remove the adhesive tapes from the Scanner Lid
  • Draw up from the lateral sides of the ink Cartridge access door to open it. Now remove the adhesive tapes and internal packing
  • Locate the Paper Tray cabin and peel of the tapes and then glide the paired paper width guides on towards the edges of the paper tray
  • Load the paper tray with the A4 sheets and firmly fix it using the paired paper width guides
  • Switch the Printer power ON and also the personal computer
  • Wait till the Operating System boots and comes to a standby status. Now connect the USB data cable to the Personal

Computer and the other terminal to your Envy 4510

  • Open Cartridge access door and check for the Carriage to be silent and idle
  • Install New HP Ink Cartridge inside the cartridge tab and lock it with the latch
  • Place HP Envy 4510 Software CD to your Computer CD Drive and then open the Envy 4510 Auto Setup installation
  • Follow the onscreen instruction set to finish the Envy 4510 printer setup
  • Locate the Output tray and use the extender for your urging needs
  • Command a Print to Test the Envy 4510 Setup operation