HP Envy 4520 Troubleshooting

Procedure to clear the paper jammingPrimarily switch power OFF for your Envy 4520 Troubleshooting Process. Draw the Cartridge path door upward to open it. Locate the Paper Path cover and draw it upward to remove it. Lift duplexer cover to detect any paper jam and then remove it. Refit the duplexer cover shield and then push down the paper path shield to firmly attach to your printer. Next, try to trace out print carriage and move the print head to one end of the carriage and then remove the paper jam. Now try moving the print head to other end of the carriage to remove the paper jam. Push Cartridge access door downward to latch it. Next further step is, disengage the Paper tray and check the tray gap for any paper jam to remove it. Now try to access the cleanout gap present between the control panel and paper tray for removing paper jams. Finally switch power ON for your Envy 4520.

Troubleshoot an Auto Wireless linkHP Print & Scan Doctor utility is the most often used software to detect a wireless network failure and to resolve it immediately.Primarily check the envy auto wireless setup for an activation mode that is present with a solid blue glowing light. Next go ahead and check for an Auto Configuration settings on your Wireless Router.

Troubleshoot an Envy Wi-Fi DirectEnsure that Envy Wi-Fi Direct is in a standby mode. Now switch ON Wi-Fi connection on your Mobile and Tablets. Always use a network authentication method to connect with your printer. You can use Wi-Fi Pin or set a password for accessing the Envy Wi-Fi Direct over your Smart phone. In order to improve Wi-Fi receptivity you can also relocate Envy 4520 nearer to the Cloud networking devices. Essentially you may also try to install the right version of the HP AiO Remote Apps to re-establish connection with your Envy 4520.

Troubleshoot on HP Ink Cartridge hassleInitially press the power button in the control panel to cancel the ongoing print task. Next, draw cartridge path door upward and then locate the installed Ink Cartridges. Unlatch the cartridge tab and then press each ink cartridges downward to remove it. Now use a dry swab to clean a cartridge electrical contact which is exhibited through gold color dots. Clean all of the Ink cartridges. Try accessing the print head that is present within the cartridge slot and then use a dray swab to clean the electrical contact. Now examine all of the cartridges for any attachment of plastic flaps and to remove it. You can reinstall the HP Ink Cartridges to its default positions and then try giving a print task to find out for any print hassles. For further troubleshooting try restarting your Envy 4520.

Printer shut down hasslesCheck the power connection on sourcing an uninterrupted supply to your Envy 4520. Make sure the Envy 4520 Power ON/OFF press button is functioning properly. Next step is, detach the printer power cable from wall outlet and keep them idle for 15 seconds. Meanwhile try to observe the power cord for any spurious damage caused. Re-connect the printer power cable to the power source. Regularly seek to create interrupts frequently to avoid Envy 4520 entering Sleep Mode operation.