Envy 4520 Wireless Setup

Envy 4520 Wireless Setup can be connected securely to a Wireless Network and Wi-Fi Direct. Your printer wireless service is now more reliable and provides a path way for Mobile Printing. A Local Wireless printer network can be easily established through ePrint and Wi-Fi Direct Access. Primarily the first thing in setting up a Wireless connection is to configuration the Network card 802.11b/g/n using automatic wireless router. Ensure to note the Wireless Network Name and WEP password Key from the Router device. Next, try to check the Wireless setup for bring it into operation.

Install the Traditional Envy Wireless ConnectionSwipe down the tab available on Control Panel to open Envy Dashboard. Scroll to select Wireless and tap the Settings tab. Select Wireless Setup Wizard and tap to choose Wireless. Now follow on the screen instructions to type in the Wireless Network Name and password using the screen keyboard. Touch the OK button to finish the Installation. If you experience any problem on a wireless connection then go ahead and change the present WEP password Key to a new WPA password.

Envy Wi-Fi Direct SetupSwipe down the tab available on your Control Panel to open Envy 4520 display screen. Touch the Wi-Fi Direct and tap to choose Settings tab. Touch the Wi-Fi Direct control to switch it ON. Now Touch back button to know the Wi-Fi Access information. Make sure you get the Wi-Fi Name and password for network authentication. Enable the Wi-Fi connection on your mobile and then configure and connect up to 5 devices to your Envy 4520 Cloud Print network. Another method is, Click Start Menu to open the Utilities/Control Panel Index. Double click Network folder to open it. Click Connect a computer peripheral to the existing Wireless Network. Next, select the Wi-Fi Direct connection and follow on the screen instructions to type in Wireless Network Name and password using the screen keyboard. You can now establish connection again to the printer using different mobile devices.

Envy ePrint SetupSwipe the tab down on your Control Panel to open Envy 4520 dashboard. Touch the ePrint control to enable it ON. Select the Web Services Settings and then Touch Display Email Address button. Here you get the ePrint Email Address. In your mobile try to install the ePrint Apps directly from the Google Play store webpage. Open ePrint Email application in your mobile and type the ePrint Email in the Address field. Now attach the print document to your composed email and then Touch Send button for printing it immediately. Alternately, Touch and select the type of file over the ePrint Apps. Now enable the search text box and type in your ePrint Email address for an remote access. Select the correct Printer and then Touch Print tab to send the attached for printing.