Deskjet 2130 Troubleshoting

Procedure to clear all paper jams from Input Tray

Firstly, HP Deskjet 2130 Driver Install you can press the Cancel button to stop the current Print task from paper jamming. Now press the power button to turn the printer off. Remove the Paper path cover attached to the Input Tray and check for any paper jam. Replace the Paper path cover to prevent any foreign debris falling within. Pull the Cartridge access door downward to open it. Ensure that the print carriage is silent and idle. Now move the print head to the far right and then check for any paper jam. Further move the Print head to the left side end and check for any paper jam and remove it. Push the Cartridge access door upward to close it. Next step is to remove the Input Tray completely and turn the deskjet 2130 all over and place it on your desk. Now open the Cleanout Door by pulling both tabs. Clear away any Paper Jams and torn pieces of paper. Push the Cleanout Door to close it. Attach the Input Tray to your Printer. Press the power control to turn the printer on.

Resolve HP Ink Cartridge Issue:

Initially you should press the Cancel button to terminate the current Print task. Pull the Cartridge access door downward to open and to detach the empty Ink Cartridges. Clean the electrical contact which is shown in gold colored dots on Ink Cartridges. Now, locate the Cartridge slot and then clean the electrical contact that is present in the Carriage head. Ensure that you have removed the plastic flaps from all Ink Cartridges. You can go ahead and install all New Ink Cartridges, according to the color coded slots. Push the Cartridge access door upward to close it and press Resume button to continue with the current print task. If more Cartridge problem exists then reboot your printer.

Troubleshoot Printer shut down issue:Check for an uninterrupted incoming Power and the printer power ON button. Next, try to detach the Power cord and wait for about 15 seconds. Re-connect the Power cord to the wall outlet. Check for any damage present on the Power cord and then connect it firmly to your HP DeskJet 2130 Troubleshooting Printer. Further, you can create interrupts on a regular basis to come out of DeskJet Sleep Mode operation.