HP Deskjet 3630 Driver Install

HP DeskJet 3630 Driver install offers innovative, Printing solutions that is easily setup on different Media types. Make sure that your Device is connected on a Network either through USB cable or Wireless. HP ePrint service is a Web enabled Service that can be used to send out documents over Wi-Fi Direct Network and thus enabling Mobile Printing. In accompaniment use DeskJet 3630 EWS to set a security level and then determine Firewall protection nonessential. Use the control panel and then the Press button to enable standard print settings for an Start Copy Color, ePrint, Resume and Start Copy Black operations. Now your Copy and Print task is done instantly.

Setup Web Services through DeskJet Control Panel

Press ePrint button and wait till a solid blue LED light is glowing. Together press the ePrint and Information control simultaneously to print the info page. Now you get the ePrint Status, Email Address and Network Status on a sheet.

Installation of Web Services from the DeskJet 3630 EWS server

Using your Web browser try accessing DeskJet 3630 Embedded Web Server. Select Web Services settings from Web Services tab bar. Click ePrint Setup button. Follow on screen setup and Click Yes option to accept with terms of use. If prompted for ePrint update then Click Yes button otherwise reboot your DeskJet. Print Information Page once your DeskJet establishes connection to its DeskJet 3630 EWS.

HP DeskJet 3630 Driver Installation on Windows OS

Open DeskJet 3630 software from the Start menu option. Click Print tab and under Print Section and then choose from the available option Connect DeskJet to Network. Follow up with onscreen instruction and while prompted for Network choose Wireless. Click Next button and continue with on screen instructions to finish the Driver Install. In Lieu, Click Start Menu list and then Open Control Panel folder. Now open printer folder and then Click the New Printer Setup option. Follow up the set of on screen instruction till prompted for the network connection. Select USB Cable or Wireless connection. Click Next and proceed to select DeskJet 3630 from the Installer program and to end DeskJet Driver Setup.

HP DeskJet 3630 Driver Setup on a Macintosh X

Open DeskJet 3630 software by accessing Mac Utilities folder. Double click Print option and find the Print section dialog. Select the choice Connect Printer to Network. Proceed with the automatic setup and select Wireless. To confirm Click Yes and then finish Driver Installation. Another method is to Click System Preferences folder and double click the printer and devices folder. Locate Printer display section and click the button Add Printer to list it in print queue on Mac menu. Proceed with automatic instructions and choose either Print Using or else Use and then select DeskJet 3630. Click Next and proceed with onscreen instructions. When prompt for Network select USB cable or Wireless Network. Click Next and follow the setup path to end it.