HP Deskjet 3630 Wireless Setup

HP DeskJet 3630 is connected on either a USB or a Wireless Connection. Your Printer is all the more reliable when connected on a Wireless Access. Also, you get three different types of options to connect printer on the Network especially through Wireless Connection, Wi-Fi Direct and WPS Setup. Firstly to setup Printer Wireless, configure your DeskJet Wireless card 802.11b/g/n through a Wireless Router which is available with a default Wireless Network Name, WEP Key and WPS Push button. Next verify the setup and working condition of DeskJet Wireless Network.

DeskJet WPS Setup

Press Wireless control button and hold a while to enable WPS Setup. Switch WPS button ON in your Router to get the wireless printer automatically synchronized to Network. Once the Solid Blue LED Wireless light is lit then go on with network authentication. Enter Wireless Network Name from Computer and the corresponding password. If WPS switch is not there in your Router then try to configure WPS from Router software by the use of WPS PIN.

Install Auto Wireless Connectivity

Open DeskJet 3630 from Start menu button. Click Utilities tab to select Printer Setup and Software. Now Click Connect to a Wireless Network. Follow the automatic setup steps and while prompted for Network select Wireless. Continue with setup steps to enter wireless network name and password. Once completed the wireless installation then go on to verify for a solid blue wireless LED light. If you find any lapse in security then try changing WEP Key password to WPA passphrase.

Setup a Wi-Fi Direct

Press Wi-Fi Direct button and hold it to turn ON Local Wireless Access. You can print Wi-Fi Direct Report by simultaneously pressing both of the Information and Wi-Fi Direct button. Use Wi-Fi Direct Name plus the default Password for network authentication. Easily configure up to Five Mobiles on the Cloud Network.

HP ePrint Service

Press the ePrint button and Hold it till ePrint light is ON. Install the ePrint Apps on your Mobile and open the application. Touch and select the desired file type for the email attachment. Search using ePrint Email Address and then connect DeskJet on a remote access. Touch Print button to get the print out without your presence. Also, you can open ePrint Email application on your Mobile and then attach the document that is to be directed to ePrint Email Address. Touch the send button to print instantly.