HP Deskjet 3755 Ink Cartridges

Your printer simply requires a pigment based Black Cartridge and a dye-based Tri-color Cartridge for readily printing on various types of media. Now your HP 3755 Ink Cartridges does last longer and is cost effective. Avoid installing cartridges that are dropped or jarred. Always keep the protective cover undamaged from your New HP Ink Cartridge.

Switch Off the power from your HP DeskJet 3755 and wait until you examine print carriage to remain idle at the centre. Pull the Cartridge access door downward in a clockwise manner to stow it on your printer. Now unlatch the cartridge tab and then press down the empty Ink Cartridge to disengage it. Open the cover from New Ink Cartridge and then try to detach the plastic flaps completely for reinstallation purpose. Now slide the New Ink Cartridge within its respective cartridge slot to lock it using tab. Push the Cartridge access door upward in an anti-clockwise manner to close it. Now switch On power for your print.

DeskJet 3755 Single Cartridge Mode: Your DeskJet printer is least designed to operate using a single Ink cartridge. This is an automatic mode that gets into effect whenever an Ink Cartridge becomes empty or uninstalled. Using the printer software you can manage the print task on DeskJet 3755. You must replenish all empty Ink Cartridges with the New HP Ink Cartridges in order to exit from sleep mode.