HP Envy 4500 Ink Cartridges

HP Envy 4500 Ink Cartridges requires a set of HP Tri-Color and HP Black Ink Cartridge for Printing Documents, Photos and Envelopes at high quality. All of the HP 301 Ink Cartridges are long lasting and cost efficient. Avoid the dropped and jarring Ink Cartridges from Installation. Remember to switch off the printer power when not in use, and in due course you can reduce the Ink waste and Ink coagulation. Always store and preserve your HP Ink Cartridges that comes with the original sealed envelope.

Reinstall Envy Ink Cartridges:Power off your Envy 4500 and wait until the Print carriage stops idle. Draw the Cartridge access door upward to open it. Locate the Cartridge tab to unlatch it. Press down to detach the Ink Cartridge. Remove all Plastic flaps and wrapped packing’s from the New HP Ink Cartridges. Slide the New Ink Cartridge within the cartridge tab to latch it firmly. Remember to install individual Ink Cartridges according to its color coded letters and successfully complete the installation. Shove the Cartridge Access door downward to close it. Switch ON the Envy Printer power.

Single Cartridge Mode operation:HP Envy 4500 is designed to work with a single Ink Cartridge for the user’s convenience. You can manage the print operations absolutely well through the Envy 4500 series software. Your printer automatically gets onto single cartridge mode whenever an ink cartridge is found missing or depleted. Just install all Ink Cartridges to get away from the Single Cartridge Mode.