HP Envy 4500 Unbox Setup

Unpack and Install Envy Setup:

  • Simply unpack Envy 4500 initially from the container box to Setup on a desk
  • Snap all tapes and packing’s that is wrapped on your envy printer
  • Peel of the cover stickers from the Control Panel
  • Lift to open the Scanner lid and then peel off all tapes that is stuck on the scanner glass
  • Open the cartridge access door and get rid of the internal packing and tapes
  • Remove the tapes from the Paper Tray to open it. Slide the pair of your Paper Width guides apart till it is rested on tray edges
  • Load HP A4 sheets within the Paper tray container
  • Accordingly slide the pair off Paper Width guides towards the paper to firmly hold it
  • Switch the Envy power ON and also power up your Computer
  • Wait for the Windows OS to load and then establish the printer USB cable to your computer
  • Try connecting the other end of USB cable to Envy 4500
  • Open the Cartridge Access Door and then examine the Print Carriage for idleness
  • Install the new HP Ink Cartridge within the respective cartridge slot and latch it using tab
  • Place your Envy 4500 CD on your external CD Drive
  • Open Automatic Setup file from the Envy 4500 CD folder and then follow up the onscreen instruction to end the software setup
  • Extend the Output Tray for your convenience
  • Give a Print Test Page command and exit the printer setup