HP Envy 4510 Troubleshooting

Procedure to clear paper jams

Switch the power OFF from Printer. Draw the Cartridge access door up and then find and remove the Paper path cover. Check for any paper jam to remove it. Now reposition the Paper path cover back to its original position. Next step is, locate the print carriage and then access the print head and slide it to far right. Check for any paper jam to clear it away. Again slide the print head towards the far left and then clear paper jams. Shove the Cartridge access door down to close it. Next step in clearing paper jam is, detach your paper tray entirely and remove the available A4 sheets. Now place the Envy 5660 on one of its sides and then check for paper jams to clear it. Try to access the cleanout gap that is present in between your paper tray zone and Control panel to remove paper jams. Now you can restore the Envy 5660 to its earlier printer setup and then load the A4 sheets to paper tray. Push the paper tray to attach it to printer and the switch the power ON for Envy 5660.

Envy 4510 Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Direct Setup

Primarily you have to enable the Envy Wi-Fi Direct and check for its availability on a Mobile or Tablet. Ensure that your mobile is available and enabled on Wi-Fi connectivity. Always configure your mobile and printer only through Network authentication method. Use a secure password or pin for a reliable Wi-Fi Direct Access. Also, you may move the printer towards network devices proximity for improving Wi-Fi receptivity. On a requisite you can also try to install the correct version of HP AiO Mobile Apps in your Smart phone and then try accessing the Wi-Fi Direct.

Resolve unexpected HP Printer shut down

Intially check the power source for any fluctuation and then the availability. Next try to test for the proper functionality of the Power button. Switch Off Power and then disconnect the power cable from wall outlet. Now examine the power cable for any spurious damage. Wait for about 15 seconds and then reconnect the power cord to wall outlet. Now switch On Power for Envy 5660. Finally, try to initiate interrupts on a regular basis to manually exit the Sleep Mode operation.