HP Envy 4510 Wireless Setup

How to Install Envy 4510 Printer Software in Windows:

Place the Envy 4510 Software CD onto the Computer CD Drive. Double Click the CD Driver folder to open and select Envy 4510 Software Auto Setup file to open it. Follow with the Automatic Setup instructions and then give a desired Envy Printer Name. Click Next button and proceed further on with the instruction set to complete the Envy Software Installation process. Select from the given below list of Windows OS to Open the Envy 4510 Software.

  • Windows OS 8.1: Click the corner left section down arrow present in your Start Screen, to select HP Envy 4510
  • Windows 8: Access the Start screen in standby and then Right Click anywhere in the unfilled Start screen and select App bar. Click All Apps and open the Envy 4510 software
  • Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista OS: Click Start Menu button and then select All Programs label, Select HP Tab and then Click HP Printer Folder Index. Select and Click to Open HP Envy 4510

How to install Envy 4510 Software in Macintosh:

Load HP Envy 4510 Software Disk onto the Compact Disk Drive in your Macintosh Computer. Open the CD Drive folder from your Disk drives Access and open the Envy 4510 Auto Setup file. Follow the Auto Setup onscreen instructions to give a Printer Name and then Click Next button. Proceed through the instructions set to complete Envy 4510 printer Software installation.
Open the Envy Software and then Click File menu. Click Print option and select Use or Print Using category. Proceed to select the HP Envy 4510 or create a Envy Printer title of your desire. Select the Print Options/Properties button to access the Print dialog.

According to Macintosh version you can select Print Properties settings:

  • For Apple version 10.6: Access the print properties through clicking the blue colored disclosure triangle present on each settings available in your Print dialog
  • For Apple Lion OS and Mountain Lion OS: Access the print options by clicking the show details link present in the Print dialog
    For other Mac versions, access the list of print setup by selecting different options over a Popup Menu. Now you can set values for Orientation, Paper Size and Resolution settings in general