HP Envy 5530 Ink Cartridges Install

HP Envy 5530 Ink Cartridges entails you to install one pigment based HP black ink cartridge and one dye based HP color ink cartridge for minimizing the cost. Your HP Ink Cartridges are Instant Ink ready and therefore reproduces a picture quality on every prints delivered. Consider switching OFF Envy 5530 when not in operation to lessen the ink waste and ink coagulation. Prevent the jarred and dropped HP Ink Cartridges from Installing to Envy 5530. Remember to keep the HP Ink Cartridges on its original shielded cover for optimum usage.

Replace Envy 5530 HP Ink Cartridges

Power Off the Envy 5530 and then examine the print carriage for idleness. Now Draw up the Cartridge access door to open it. Unlatch each of the cartridge tab and press the cartridge down to detach it. Cut open the shielding from the New HP Ink Cartridge. If you find any plastic flaps or packing wrapped around Ink Cartridges then remove them entirely. Now place the HP Ink Cartridges within the cartridge tab and latch on the available tab. While installing HP Ink Cartridges always keep in mind to follow up with the cartridge color coded letters. Shove down the Cartridge access door to close it. Power On the Envy 5530 and continue your printing operation.

Single Cartridge Mode on Envy 5530

Single Cartridge Mode is driven on Envy 5530 when one of the Ink Cartridges becomes empty. Your printer functions absolutely well on a single Ink Cartridge and with commands sent from a personal computer. Single Cartridge Mode is by default automatic and can only be exited when both of Cartridges is Installed.

Envy 5530 Switch Off

Use the Power button to switch off Envy 5530 and then wait until the indicator light goes to off status. You can now unplug the Power cable. On rare incidents you might have switched off Power imperfectly, still your print carriage restricts itself from returning to its normal rest position and so your printer exhibits poor print quality and ink cartridge problems.