HP Envy 5530 Unbox Setup

  1. ON button: Turns the Printer Power control ON/OFF
  2. Back button: Retraces to the previously displayed screen
  3. Cancel button: Terminates the current print task
  4. Directional press buttons: Enables you to navigate through all Horizontal Envy features
  5. ePrint button: Enables the ePrint Service in your printer
  6. Wireless button: Enables the Auto Wireless connection in your printer
  7. Wireless Light: Signals the auto wireless connection status. Category of a list of wireless status are
  8. Solid blue wireless light indicates the standby mode of Auto wireless connection
  9. Slow flashing light represents a Wireless connection that is enabled but not synchronized on network. Try relocating your printer considering the wireless range
  10. Fast flashing light indicates an error in the Auto wireless connection
  11. No Light signals the unavailability of your Auto wireless connection

Unpack HP Envy 5530 and Setup the device

  • Initially unload the Envy 5530 from the box and devise it for a Setup
  • Snap all tapes and packing that is wrapped around your printer
  • Peel of the cover sticker from the Envy Control panel
  • Lift scanner lid and then remove the affix tapes
  • Draw up from the lateral sides of your cartridge access door to open it. Try to remove the adhesive tapes and the internal packing
  • Disengage the paper tray and peel of all tapes. Glide both of the paper width guide away from the center of the paper tray and then rest it on tray edges
  • Place HP A4 sheets within the paper tray
  • Now glide both of the paper width guide towards the A4 sheets to keep them intact
  • You can now connect the power cable to Envy 5530 and the other terminal to wall outlet. Turn ON the power for your printer
  • Also, Turn ON the power switch for your computer
  • Wait for the OS to load and then try connecting the USB Cable to your computer
  • Now connect the other end of the USB Cable to your Envy 5530
  • Draw up from the lateral sides of your cartridge access door to open it. Wait until the print carriage becomes idle and silent
  • Load the HP Ink Cartridges inside the cartridge tab and latch it
  • Place Envy 5530 Software CD to your CD Drive and then open the Auto Setup file
  • Follow on with the screen display to complete the installation process
  • Extent the Output tray for your convenience
  • Now try to open any file and then give a print command to examine the performance of your printer