HP Envy 5660 Ink Cartridges Install

Your Envy 5660 entails you to install a dye-based HP Tri-color Cartridge and another one with pigment based HP Black Cartridge for printing Photos, Flyers and Brochures. Your Ink Cartridges are made ready for instant printing across various Media types. Make sure you switch off the printer when no print operation is handled. This directly results in reducing the Ink waste and Ink cogulation. Always keep your HP Ink Cartridges on its original shieldings to protect it from direct sunlight.

Replace the HP 5660 Ink Cartridges

Press power button to switch Off the printer and wait till your print carriage remains idle. Draw the Cartridge path door upward and try locating the cartridge tabs. Unlatch the tab that contains the empty Ink Cartridge and then press the cartridge to remove it. Open the packing enclosed on your New HP Ink Cartridge and then detach the plastic flaps completely. Now load the HP Cartridges inside the tab according to the color code numbers. Latch them using cartridge tab and then shove the cartridge path door downward to close it. Press power button to switch On the printer.

HP 5660 Single Cartridge Mode

HP Envy 5660 is compatible on Single Cartridge Installation Mode with the aid of Envy 5660 Software commands. On few occasions one of your Ink Cartridges may get empty and needs to be uninstalled. During this time your printer automatically gets into single cartridge mode and performs its operations successfully. If you need to exit from this Mode then ensure to install all the HP Ink Cartridges on to thier respective cartridge slots.