HP Envy 5660 Unbox Setup

  1. ON press button: Turns the Printer Power ON/OFF condition
  2. Back button: Retraces to your previous screen display
  3. Help button: Opens the corresponding Help Menu determining upon the help option selected
  4. Home press button: Retraces to the Home Screen
  5. Printer Control Panel: Swipe the tab bar down in your Control panel to open printer dashboard
  6. Wireless Light: Signals the wireless network connection status control. Some of the Network connection status available are
    • A Solid blue LED light indicates the readiness of Wireless connection
    • A Slow flashing light signals a Wireless connection ON with no synchronization achieved with network.
    • A Fast flashing light signals a faulty wireless connection
    • No light signals the unavailability of the Wireless connection

Unpack and Setup the Envy 5660 Printer

    • Initially unpack Envy 5660 from its box and devise it on a desk
    • Peel off the tapes and packing from Envy 5660
    • Access the printer control panel and get rid of the sticker
    • Lift the Scanner lid and get rid of the tapes present in the scanner glass
    • Draw the lateral sides of your cartridge door up to open it. Get rid of the internal packing and stickers
    • Disengage the paper tray and peel of all tapes. Guide the pair of paper width guides towards the edge of the tray and then load the A4 Media
    • Now guide the pair of paper width guides on towards the A4 media sheets to keep them firm and intact
    • Connect the power cable to your printer and switch ON power
    • Also switch ON power for your computer
    • Wait till the OS to boot and halts on a standby mode. Now connect the Envy USB cable to computer and the other terminal to the printer
    • Draw the lateral sides of your cartridge door up to open it. Wait for print carriage to be idle and silent
    • Place the HP Ink Cartridges inside the cartridge tab and then latch each of the tabs
    • Place the Envy 5660 CD on to the CD Drive. Install printer software using the Auto Setup file and then the follow up instructions that appear on the screen
    • Extend the output tray for fetching the printouts
    • Give a Test Print command to check the workabilityof your printer