HP Envy 5660 Wireless Setup

Intuitively your Envy Auto Wireless is setup on a wireless router that is self configurable in seconds. In addition, your Envy 5660 is capable of providing Wi-Fi Direct to your mobile devices and thus making wireless printing more viable. Ensure that your printer network card 802.11b/g/n is configured to a wireless router and is properly transmitting Internet. Make a note of the wireless name and password that is found on the router.

Install the Auto Wireless connection

Swipe down the tab bar in the Control panel screen to open your printer dashboard. Touch Wireless shortcut and then tap Settings. Select Wireless Setup Wizard to follow on the screen display and select Wireless. Now type in the network name and WEP password using the screen keyboard popup. Touch OK and exit the display screen. If you find any security lapses in your Auto Wireless connection then try changing the WEP Key to WPA text passphrase.

Envy Wi-Fi Direct Setup Installation

Swipe down the tab bar in your Control panel to open your printer dashboard. Touch Wi-Fi Direct from the shortcut menu and then select Settings. Touch Wi-Fi Direct On/Off control. Press the Back button to find the Wi-Fi Direct settings. Make a note of the Wi-Fi direct connection name and password. Using the Wi-Fi Log In details you may configure up to 5 distinct Mobiles. Another Envy Wi-Fi Direct method is, Press the Start Menu button and then open the Utilities folder/Control Panel. Select Network folder to open it. Click on the link Add a device on the present wireless network. Click Next and select Wi-Fi Direct connection. Follow the screen instructions and promptly enter the Wi-Fi name and password for the network authentication. Click Ok to confirm.