HP Envy 7640 Ink Cartridges Install

Your Envy 7640 solely requires a Tri-color dye-based Ink Cartridge and another Black pigment based Cartridge for printing on various types of media. Your HP Ink Cartridges are high yielding and is compatible for instant Printing. Always try to switch off the printer power when not in use so that you minimize ink waste and ink cogulation. Do not open the protective sealed package from your HP Ink Cartridge till you need them for installation.

Reinstall HP 7640 Ink Cartridges
Switch the Power Off from your Envy 7640. Now wait for the print carraige to become silent and idle. Pull up the Cartridge door and find your Cartridge tabs. Unlatch the plastic tab and then press the ink cartridge to uninstall it. Now open the protective cover and remove the New HP Ink Cartridge. Try to remove the plastic flaps from the new cartridge. Slide the New Ink Cartridge within the cartridge slot and then latch the tab firmly. Remember to install all the HP Ink Cartridges corresponding to its color coded letters. Push the Cartridge door down to lock it. Switch the Power On for your Envy 7640.

Envy 7640 Single Cartridge operation mode
You can operate Envy 7640 with only single ink cartridge installed and using the Envy 7640 software. Whenever an HP ink Cartridge gets empty or depleted then automatically your printer operation goes in to Single Cartridge Mode. Replace all HP Ink Cartridges to exit the Single Cartridge Mode.