HP Envy 7640 Troubleshooting

Procedure to detect and clear paper jams

Press the printer power button to turn Off electricity. Pull up the lateral sides of your Cartridge door to open it. Raise the Paper path cover and check for any paper jams to remove it. Clear away any torn bits and pieces of paper existing on the wheels and rollers. Rest the Paper path cover on its normal position. Next, access the print carriage and then slide the print head to far right end and try finding for paper jams to remove it. Again try sliding the print head to far left end of your print carriage and then find for paper jams to be removed. Push downward your Cartridge door to latch it on printer. Next step is, disengage the paper tray entirely and then find paper jams to remove it. Now unload all the A4 sheets from paper tray and then devise your printer on one of its lateral sides. Check for any paper jams present in the Cleanout gap and then remove it. You can now place the Envy 7640 to its usual Setup position. Now place the A4 sheets back to your paper tray and then latch it to your printer. Press the printer power button to turn On electricity.

Clean Ink Cartridges

Initially, press the power button to terminate the ongoing Print task. Now open the Cartridge door and then locate the cartridge tabs. Unlatch each of the cartridge tabs and then select and press a ink cartridge to detach it. Also, try removing the rest of cartridges using the above procedure. Now clean the electrical contact found in your Ink Cartridge using a swab. Repeat it for other cartridges also. Examine Ink Cartridges for the presence of any Plastic Flaps and then ensure to get rid off it. Next try to access the cartridge slot and then use swab to clean the electrical contact present on the carriage head. Once the cleaning is done with all cartridge slots then go ahead and Install the Ink Cartridges to its original positions, respectively and then latch it with the cartridge tabs. Now close the Cartridge door and latch it to printer. Press the Power button for your printer and reboot it.

Troubleshoot a Auto Wireless connection

Use HP Print and Scan Doctor software to troubleshoot from basic issues to complex issues present in your Auto Wireless Setup. Make sure your printer is connected to the network using wireless router. Also, check for the Wireless LED light to be glowing in Solid Blue color. In case your printer is unsynchronized on network then try to move your printer towards the proximity of your router. If your wireless connection link breaks often then try to change the password to WPA text passphrase.

Envy 7640 shuts down Issue

Primarily check the incoming power for continuity and an uninterrupt flow. Next, check the Power button for its proper functioning. Later, try to disconnect your power cable from the wall outlet and wait till 15 seconds passes by. Make sure that your Power cable is devoid of any spurious damage. Now Re-connect the power cable back to the wall outlet and Power ON your printer. Lastly, try habitually creating interrupts on a routine basis to exit from Envy Sleep Mode operation.