HP Officejet 3830 Troubleshooting

Procedure to clear paper jamming:Initially press the power button to cancel the ongoing print operation. Locate the Input tray and remove all A4 sheets and then access for the paper path cover. Try to pull the paper path cover up and then examine for any paper jam to remove it. Replace the paper path cover back to its original position. Next, access the Output tray and find for paper jamming. Try to pull the A4 media away from your printer to entirely free from jamming. Now Touch OK button that appears on the display screen of your Control Panel to continue printing. Next step in clearing paper jam is, close the Output tray extender and then draw from the lateral sides of the Output door to rest it on your printer. Open the Front door and then the cartridge access door to rest it on the printer. Locate the print carriage bar and then try to slide the print head to one end of the carriage and to search for paper jams to clear it. Now again slide the print head to the other end of the carriage and then clear paper jams. Move the Print head to the center of the print carriage and then go ahead and close the Cartridge door and the Front door to latch it firmly on printer. Push the lateral sides of the Output door towards your printer to close it. Next further step is, detach the Input tray and then turn the OfficeJet 3830 and place it on one of its lateral side to access the cleanout door. Draw both of the tabs away from your printer to open the cleanout door and then check for any paper jam to remove it. Now push the cleanout door to close it and then restore OfficeJet 3830 to its usual printer setup position. Now try to rotar slide the Output tray and its extender for your convenience. Try attaching the Input tray and then load the A4 sheets and continue printing.

Resolve the Wireless connection issue:Open HP Print & Scan Doctor to resolve most of the Auto Wireless connection issue on a step by step follow up procedures. Ensure that your printer is configured properly to connect with the wireless router network and further go ahead and check for a Solid Blue wireless light in your Control Panel. If you find it difficult to self configure your printer and stay connected then try to relocate your All-in-One closer towards the wireless router. For further troubleshooting your may try to alter the password from WEP Key to a WPA passphrase.

Resolve Ink smears issue:Your Printer is present with Clean Page Smears maintenance service that can be accessed over the Control Panel to resolve this issue instantly. First try to load a single A4 sheet to your Input tray. This maintenance service might require several minutes for passing the paper to and fro and to clean page smears. Next, access the Control Panel and Touch the screen display to open the printer dashboard. Touch Setup option and tap Tools button. Touch Clean Page Smears option to begin the cleaning process and then follow on the screen instructions to load another page or to exit the Ink smears maintenance service.