HP Officejet 4650 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting steps to follow while paper jamming:Turn OFF power from your printer and then draw cartridge door up to open it. Try to raise the paper path cover and then check for any paper jams to remove it. Now resettle the paper path shield cover to its usual position. Next step is, access the print carriage and slide the print head to the right edge of the carriage to search for any paper jams. Now slide print head to the left edge of the carriage and then try checking for any paper jams to remove it. Push down the Cartridge door to latch it firmly. If print problem is unresolved, then detach your paper tray completely and then check for paper jams. Remove all the A4 sheets from the paper tray and then devise the printer on to its lateral sides to access the Cleanout. Check for paper jams that may be available in the cleanout gap. Now reposition your printer to its usual Setup position and then load the A4 sheets on to the paper tray. Close the paper tray and then Turn ON power for your printer.

Resolve Ink Cartridge Problem:On resolving Ink Cartridge problems your first step should be to terminate the ongoing print task either by switching power off or simply press the power button. Next step is, open the cartridge door and then unlatch all the cartridge tabs. Remove all Ink Cartridges and then using a swab to clean its electrical contacts. Now try to access the cartridge slot to locate the electrical contact imprints. Use the swab to clean the electrical contacts. Make sure there aren’t any plastic flaps attached to your ink cartridges. Install the ink cartridges within the cartridge slot and then latch it with tabs. Close the cartridge door and then try to print. If error message is unresolved then try restarting your Printer.

Troubleshoot ink smears: If your printer smears ink on the print media then try using the pre-built Clean Ink Smear service that is available on your OfficeJet 4650. Firstly, try to load A4 Media on to paper tray and close it. This maintenance service may need several minutes for the A4 media to move several times on its rollers. Press the Home button to open the dashboard screen. Scroll to select Setup option. Touch Settings and then tap Printer Maintenance. Touch the Clean Page Smears option and then follow on with the screen instruction set to begin with the cleaning process. If ink smear issue unresolved then promptly load another paper media to complete the Clean Page Smears program.