HP Officejet 4650 Unbox Setup

  1. ON button: Turns the Printer Power to ON/OFF condition
  2. Back button: Retraces to your previous screen display
  3. Help button: Displays the Help menu and then provides the access to show the contextual help selected
  4. Home press button: Returns to Home Screen
  5. Control Panel Screen: Press Home button or swipe the screen display to activate the printer dashboard
  6. Wireless Light: infers the different types of wireless connection status. Some of them are:
    • A Solid blue LED light infers the standby mode of the Wireless connection
    • Slow blinking LED light indicates the availability of the Wireless connection that is unsynchronized with network
    • Fast blinking LED light infers a faulty wireless connection setup
    • No Wireless light can be deduced to non-availability of wireless connection

Unpack OfficeJet 4650 and Setup:

    • Initially try to unpack and empty the OfficeJet 4650 from its shipment. Place the All-in-One in a desk
    • Remove the tapes and the protective packing from your printer
    • Peel off the sticker that is covering the Screen display
    • Lift the Scanner Lid and then begin to remove all tapes from the scanner glass
    • Access the center of the Cartridge door to unlatch it from printer and then draw upward to open it. Now try to get rid off all internal packing’s and adhesive tapes
    • Disengage the Paper tray completely and then remove the tapes. Now locate the paired of Paper width guides and slide them away till reaching the tray edges.
    • Try to load A4 sheets and then slide the set of paper width guides on towards your

print sheets to keep them unmoved

    • Try to fetch the power cable and establis

h a power connection for your printer and then switch on power

    • Now switch on power for your compute

r and then wait till your operating system boots and then halts on a standby mode

    • Use the USB Cable to make a con

nection between your printer and personal computer

  • Access the center of the ink Cartridge door to unlatch it from printer and then draw upward to open it. Check for the Print carriage bar to remain idle. Now install your HP Ink Cartridges inside the cartridge slot according to the serial numbers
  • Open CD Drive and load the OfficeJet 4650 Installation disk. Try to run the Auto Setup to install the printer software
  • Using the HP OfficeJet 4650 series software send a Print command to test the Printer Setup

Printer 4650 Sleep Mode operation:Your printer is designed to operate on a Sleep Mode whenever there is an unnecessary power consumption. Usually, your All-in-One goes into Sleep Mode after 5 minutes of inactivity. You can alter this time settings over the Control panel. Press the Home button to activate the printer dashboard. Touch Setup option and then tap Power Handling. Touch the Sleep Mode and then try selecting from 5, 10 and 15 minutes range to set Sleep Mode operation. Touch OK to confirm.