HP Officejet 5740 Driver Install

Your OfficeJet 5740 Driver Install is present with Printables and ePrint web services for you to effectively utilize it for creative and mobile printing. These Web services are built in features that are freely available for instant printing over a wireless medium. In order to use these web services you must first run the Setup and initialize it. Now you can enable the OfficeJet 5740 Wireless feature and then try connecting through different mobile devices. Enable the ePrint Service on your printer to receive any print task over an email and thus neglecting the need for accessing network. Printables is a template service that can print from Coupons, Tickets, Forms and Puzzles etc., then and there. Using Family Activities template you may Copy and Scan documents at a lightning fast speed. You can use the preview screen to edit print settings and save them on a network folder.

Setup Web Services over Control Screen Panel:Touch the Control Screen Panel to activate the dashboard. Scroll to Touch Setup and then tap Web Services Setup option. Touch Accept from screen display to comply with Terms of Usage. Now follow on with the setup till you enable Web Services. If prompted for an update Web Services then Touch Yes button to end the installer setup. Ensure that you follow the same procedure for setting up the ePrint Service. Print Information Page for obtaining the ePrint Email Address, ePrint status, Network status and Printables.

Update Web Services over Embedded Web Server:Open an Internet browser and then type in the printer IP address to access your Embedded Web Server. Click Web Services heading tab and then locate the Web Services settings zone. Click Install Setup and then follow the onscreen instructions to click Yes for accepting the terms of use. Click the Next button and then check for an Update prompter. Click Yes to install the software update and end it. You can shutdown the printer and then restart it.

Install Printer Setup on Windows OS:Press the Start button and then click All Programs to disclose the available list of programs. Click to open OfficeJet 5740 Software. Click the menu Print, Scan & Fax to populate a drop down list. Select Connect Printer to Web option. Click Next and then follow with the screen instructions to provide a Name for your Wireless Network. Click the Next option and then rush through the instruction set to end the Setup.

Install Printer Setup on Macintosh OS:Open the Utilities folder and then select OfficeJet 5740 software to open it. Click Print, Fax & Scan option and then open Connect Printer to Web. Now follow up with the onscreen instructions to promptly designate a Name and Password to your Wireless Printer Network. Click Apply button and then proceed with the instructions to printer setup.
Open printer software and Click File menu and then Print button to open the print dialog. Now try to select between Print Using and Use template option available on your print dialog. Respectively select the OfficeJet 5740 for the first option and for the second option create a Shortcut Name for the printer setup. Click Apply and then try to create a shortcut setup icon.