HP Officejet 5740 Software Install

How to HP OfficeJet 5740 Software Install on Windows OS:Open the CD drive and then place the OfficeJet 5740 series CD to close it. Wait till the Auto setup file opens and then Click Next and proceed with the onscreen instruction set to provide a name for your printer. Click Next and progress further to finish the printer setup installation. You should follow the instructions listed below to open the OfficeJet 5740 series software from different Windows OS:

    • Windows 8.1 OS: Click the corner most down arrow available on your Start Screen to view windows desktop. Double click OfficeJet 5740 software from the list of available programs to open it
    • Windows 8 OS: Right click on an open space in your Start screen to select Apps Menu. Click All Apps link to view the list of applications installed. Now click OfficeJet 5740 to open it
    • Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7: Click the Start button and then click All Programs tab to open a list of programs. Select HP index and then click the printer folder to open it. Double click to open the OfficeJet 5740 software

How to Install OfficeJet 5740 series on Macintosh OS:Open the CD Drive and then place the OfficeJet 5740 series CD and then close it. Wait for the Auto Setup file to initiate the printer setup installation. Click Next and then follow the on screen instructions to generate a name for your printer. Click Next and then progress further to finish the auto installer program.
Open the OfficeJet 5740 series software and then click File menu. Click Print to open the print dialog. Now try to select between Print Using and Use template option available on your print dialog. Respectively select the OfficeJet 5740 for the first option and for the second option create a Name for the printer setup. You should follow the instructions listed below to open the print dialog settings from different Macintosh OS:

      • Apple version 10.6: Your print dialog settings is designed with an enumerated list of disclosure triangle buttons that is enabled on a click and then easily set values accordingly
      • Apple version Lion and Mountain Lion: Your print dialog is present with a link termed Show Details. Clicked Show Details to discloses the print dialog settings in a list menu view
      • For earlier Mac versions: Your print dialog settings is designed to be an Popup Menu that contains Page Orientation, Page Size and Scaling Percentage options present in the print dialog. You can select each of the individual preferences to set values implicitly

Printer 5740 Shut down:Switch Off power from your printer and then wait until the power button light stops glowing. Now you can remove the power cable from the wall outlet. Ensure that there is no flow of current to printer. In an event of imperfect power Off then this result in print carriage unrest deviating from its normal position. This further results in poor quality printing and Ink Cartridge problems.

Install OfficeJet 4650 series Software on Macintosh OS:Load OfficeJet 4650 CD on to the CD drive and then open it in a folder. Click Auto Setup to initiate the printer software installation. Follow the onscreen instructions to provide a printer name for your OfficeJet. Click Next and then rush through the setup instructions to successfully complete the Installation process.
Now go ahead and Open Officejet 4650 program and then click file tab and subsequently click print command to open your print dialog. Select either Use template or Print Using options to correspondingly assign a printer setup name or else, select from the existing HP Officejet 4650. You can follow the given below instruction set to open the Print Dialog from respective Macintosh Operating System:

        • For Apple 10.6 OS: Your print dialog is built with a list of disclosure triangles that can be clicked to enable and to set values
        • Apple Lion & Mountain Lion OS: On your print dialog you get a link called Show Details. You should click this link to open the print properties in a listing view display
        • For other Macintosh OS: Your Print dialog is designed on a Popup Menu containing individual print preferences. You can select print options like Scaling Percentage, Page Orientation and Page Size etc.,

Shut down Printer:Press the printer power button to terminate power from your All-in-One. Now, examine the power button for absence of glowing light and then you can disconnect the power cord. In case you have imperfectly switch off power from your printer then this results to Print Carriage not returning to its normal position. Eventually, this leads to a poor print quality and then Ink Cartridge problems.