HP Officejet Pro 6968 Troubleshooting

Procedure to resolve paper jamming:Press the power push button to switch Off power from your printer. Lift up the Output tray and then disengage the Input tray entirely. Now press the pair of push buttons available on the lateral edges of your Input tray to remove it from printer. Check for any torn papers present on the Input tray to remove it. Now access the cleanout gap that is present where Input tray was to clear away paper jams. Lift up the Output tray and then re-fix the Input Tray and close it. Next step in removing paper jams is, Draw up the Cartridge door to open it. Lift the Paper path cover and then examine for paper jam to remove it. Reposition paper path cover and then try to access the print carriage bar. Check for any paper jam to remove it. Now slide the print head on its carriage bar till reaching the far right end. Check for any paper jam to remove it. Again slide the print head over the carriage bar towards its far left end and then check for paper jam to remove it. Push the Cartridge access door down to latch it. Press the power push button to switch On power for your printer.

Troubleshoot ePrint Service: HP ePrint Service is mainly used to send documents wirelessly either through Email attachment, Text file, Photo or Document options. Primarily check for the correct version of ePrint apps that is installed on your mobile. Ensure that you have Setup ePrint Service and then enabled it ON for your printer to establish a Cloud Print Network. You can also try to relocate your printer closer towards Mobiles that is enabled Wi-Fi ON for better receptivity and reliability. On a Last instance, you can also try checking the Print Queue list to find out for any printing pause, halts, termination etc., and then purge this list to continue with your ongoing print task.

Resolve Ink Smears on print media:If you experience Ink Smears on print media then you should use Clean Ink Smear service available on your printer. Firstly try to load a A4 sheets on the Input tray and close it. Swipe the tab in the screen display to open the features dashboard. Touch Setup and then tap Printer Maintenance option. Touch Clean Page Smears and then follow on the screen display for the cleaning process to run. This may take some time since this process requires your paper sheet to move back and for on the print carriage and to clean the print head system. Wait till the cleaning process gets over to go ahead with the ongoing print task.

Printer Shutdown issue: Check for the power source for an uninterrupted supply and then ensure to switch Off power from your printer. Now examine the power cable for any spurious damage caused. Wait for about 15 seconds to reconnect the cable to the power source outlet. On a frequent basis try to make a software interrupt on your printer to keep it active and to prevent it from entering sleep mode operation.