HP Officejet 5740 Troubleshooting

Procedure to clear Paper jams:Switch Off power from OfficeJet 5740 and then draw up from lateral sides of ink Cartridge door to open it. Pull up the paper path shield cover and then examine for any paper jam to be removed. Push the paper path cover to its basic setup position. Next progressive step is, access the print head on the carriage bar and move it horizontally onwards carriage right end. Check for paper jam and then remove it. Now move the print head horizontally towards carriage left end and then examine for any paper jam to be removed. Push the Cartridge door down to latch it. Next step in clearing paper jam is, disengage your paper tray and then check for paper jam to clear it. Take away all of the A4 sheets from paper tray and then turn around your printer and place it on one of its lateral sides. Access the Cleanout gap that exist within the Control Panel and paper tray to check for any paper jams. Remove all paper jams and torn pieces of paper from cleanout gap and reposition you printer to its normal setup position. Now Replace all A4 sheets to paper tray and then push it to close. Switch On power for HP OfficeJet 5740 printer.

Troubleshoot Ink Cartridge Issue:Primarily try to use the Control Panel Power button to abort the ongoing print task. Next, Open the Cartridge access door and then try to unlatch all cartridge tabs. Slide out each of HP Ink Cartridges to detach it from the cartridge slots. Use a swab to clean the electrical contact present on the Ink Cartridges. Also try to access the Carriage print head and then find the imprinted electrical contact on the cartridge slot to clean it. Ensure that your Ink Cartridges are free of any plastic flaps or stickers and then try reinstalling all ink cartridges on to its respective slots to latch them. Push the Cartridge access door downward to close it. If Ink Cartridge issue is unresolved then go ahead and reboot your printer.

Resolve the Traditional Wireless Connection:Most of the connectivity issues can be resolved using the HP Print and Scan Doctor software. Make sure your printer is configured on a wireless router to connect with the wireless network. You can confirm on successful connection when a Solid blue wireless light is glowing on the printer control panel. If the printer configuration fails then try to relocate your All-in-One towards the nearness of the wireless router network. You can also use different set of passwords to secure an unlimited wireless connectivity.

Resolve Ink Smears:Use the Clean Ink Smear maintenance service from the control panel to resolve ink smearing on print media. This process may take up several minutes for the paper to roll back and forth till the cleaning program ends. Firstly you should load a single A4 sheet media on to your paper tray and latch it. Press Home button present in the control panel to activate the dashboard. Scroll and select Setup. Touch Printer Maintenance and then tap Clean Page Smears option. Now follow on the screen display till the cleaning program ends.